No point in trying to pretend they’re not there.

I moved the blog from to a self-hosted WP install last night, so maintaining it is no longer free.  Add to that the fact that regularly composing posts 5 to 7 times longer than the average blog entry takes a lot of time and effort, and I won’t be able to keep doing it for no money.  That’s why you’ll notice the site has ads now.  If you’re using AdBlock, I’d appreciate it if you add it to your exceptions list, but I understand if you choose not to.   And in case you’re wondering, this is probably more painful for me than you.

Also, all links to the old Webcomicry’s posts will no longer work.  I’m adding this as a footnote because not many people have been linking to them.  But just in case you have, now you know.


Image from Romantically Apocalyptic.  Drawn by IIDanmrak.