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Category: Linking Binge

Linking Binge II: Linking out Loud

Here is another thing.  Note that it’s been an unusually long time since the last thing.  That’s because I’ve acquired a day job and two additional freelance gigs since my last post in early April.  Yeah, it’s been a weird two months.  I’m writing this at 4 am, knowing full well I have to be up in a few hours, but desperate to prevent at least one more follower from forgetting about my existence.

The two of you who still follow Yume-Hime have noticed that it’s currently in the middle of its longest hiatus to date as well.  I haven’t given it up—its half-finished 21st page is taped to the drawing board in my room, leering down at me in judgment every day—but…   Sorry.  Nothing else to say here but “sorry.”  Should have said something on the comic’s site itself.

Anyway, in a last-ditch attempt to capture your interest, here’s some content, mostly pulled from the Webcomicry Tumblr.  You like content, right?

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Linking Binge

Since full-length posts take so long to write, I’m going to be periodically doing posts featuring links from around the internet that should also be of interest to webcomic creators, just so something’s going up here in the interim.

Today: Monty Oum, life drawing, running, fonts, who’s linking to who, story arcs, and an email list.

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