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Category: Not (Strictly) Webcomic-Related


So, we’ve finally identified my mystery malady: Bipolar Type 1 with Psychosis.

For those of you who’ve never dealt with that little inconvenience, please don’t. I’d rate it zero stars. But let me explain what’s happened in the several months I’ve been mostly gone.

Bipolar disorder was formerly called “manic depression:” as that implies, it’s defined by periods of mania followed by (much longer) periods of depression. For most of my extended absence, the depression was the problem, driving me to stare at blank walls and sleep for fifteen hours a day because the only time I felt remotely good was when I was dreaming. The manias were short, fleeting, and mostly a fun reprieve from slogging through misery 24/7.

But in May, I had my first psychotic episode.

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Schedules Pt. 2: Productivity

When I left my last day job and began freelancing full-time, what I was most looking forward to was having more time to work on my comic.

That initial excitement lasted about a day.  Between sending out countless queries and project bids, coming up with ideas to pitch to people, building contact lists, and simply not feeling entitled to work on personal projects until all the job-related ones were done, I found myself having less time to spend on anything that wasn’t helping pay the bills.

But my worst problem, now that I didn’t have a micromanager breathing down my neck, was procrastination.

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