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Tag: Wacom

Color Theory in the Digital Space

My follow-up to the last one for Wacom. Covers how digital art’s primary colors are different from traditional’s, the hue-saturation-value system of color management, how the color pickers in image editing programs work, how to “key” your images for maximum cohesion, and some tips on creating color harmony.

Since most webcomics are made digitally, I hope this helps you.

Published on the same day as the last, but I’m setting this to post a week from now to give you the illusion of more updates.

Read it on Wacom’s Blog

Build a Studio from Nothing

Early this year, I moved a thousand miles and had to rebuild my bedroom studio from scratch, and a couple months later, my laptop bricked itself, forcing me to replace it and all its programs.

So I took that opportunity to tackle one of comics’ oldest questions: What are the cheapest supplies you need to make a good one?

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