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Tag: Webcomicry

Schedules Pt. 2: Productivity

When I left my last day job and began freelancing full-time, what I was most looking forward to was having more time to work on my comic.

That initial excitement lasted about a day.  Between sending out countless queries and project bids, coming up with ideas to pitch to people, building contact lists, and simply not feeling entitled to work on personal projects until all the job-related ones were done, I found myself having less time to spend on anything that wasn’t helping pay the bills.

But my worst problem, now that I didn’t have a micromanager breathing down my neck, was procrastination.

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Schedules Pt. 1: Making Them, Sticking to Them, and What To Do When You Can’t

As anyone who follows any of my work might have noticed, I’m the worst person to talk about this.  The worst.  On Earth.

For one, I’m always late for everything in general.  On top of that, my comic has neither a schedule nor a buffer, and I sometimes go weeks without even touching a pencil, knowing full well that I’ve promised readers I’m aiming for an update every Monday.  I have no right to be giving anyone advice on scheduling.

Anyway, here’s some advice on scheduling…

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