This is a blog about webcomics, and how they can be improved.  Topics planned include new ways to simplify perspective; programs and techniques that can be used to bump up your art; how we as creators can stop passing our comics between each other and find an outside audience; and what, if anything, can help webcomics advance as a medium.

I’ll be focusing on actionable advice and constructive criticism.  I won’t be patronizing you, but neither will I be trying to “put you in your place.”  There are enough people doing both of those already.

I’m more interested in helping you improve.

In most peoples’ eyes, webcomics are like model railroads: dinky little imitations of the real thing, usually made by one no-lifer in his bedroom – but is their day yet to come, or will they always just be the comic industry’s reject pile?

There are plenty of Individual series (which we’ll also talk about later) that prove what the medium could be, but there’s so much crap standing between them and the average reader that most never see them.  Not to mention the rampant unprofessionalism and drama that define a lot of the webcomics world.  I’ll at least try to address those, too.  I know there’s not much chance that I’ll reach enough creators to make a difference, but as they say, if it helps one person…

And Who Are You?

Just another struggling freelance writer.  I mostly blog about e-commerce and WordPress stuff, which, although not pulse-pounding, has taught me a lot that I can pass on to marketing-challenged artists.  I moonlight as a fiction writer and artist; I’ve been doing both “seriously” for about five years, and as a hobby since I could hold a pencil.  (Or, in the former case, my mom’s typewriter.)

I started reading AOL-based webcomics in the mid ’90s, and I’ve known I wanted to try making one for almost as long.  It took me a minute, but I finally got around to making something worth putting up earlier this year.

So, What’s It Called?

It’s called Yume-Hime, and it can be found at  It’s about an anime fan whose eponymous childhood alter-ego comes back in her dreams to fight her demons.  it’s just starting out – I’m only 15 pages in as of this post – but all the feedback has been good so far.

Does my relative inexperience make me unqualified to give advice, though?  Maybe.  But I like to think that it provides a different perspective from some other blogs, in that I’m not already a successful professional – I’m probably at the same stage of development as most of my readers.  In other words, I have as much to learn from you as you have to learn from me, so feel free to call me out on any of my mistakes.

I’ll be back sometime within the next week with a post on hosting.